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Welcome to ACM SIGCAS

by kanthou — last modified 2016-12-09 05:06

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SIGCAS is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses the social and ethical consequences of widespread computer usage. SIGCAS' main goals are to raise awareness about the impact that technology has on society, and to support and advance the efforts of those who are involved in this important work.

Our members are computer professionals from both industry and academia, as well as ethicists, psychologists, sociologists and others. We welcome students from a variety of disciplines. Our areas of involvement include computer ethics, universal access to computer technology, security, privacy, and reliability. We collaborate with other ACM bodies that are engaged in related work, such as USACM, SIGITE and SIGCSE.

SIGCAS SIGCSE 2017 Pre-Symposium Workshop

SIGCAS is pleased to announce our annual pre-symposium workshop at SIGCSE! "Strategies for Integrating Driverless Cars into the Computing Curricula" will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, from 1pm to 5pm in Seattle, Washington. ​More details on the precise location will be coming soon; you can check the SIGCSE 2017 site, as well:

Driverless cars are a feat of engineering and computer science. While not yet a commercial reality, this topic is not only popular with students (and faculty) but also provides a rich environment to explore a plethora of key computer science topics. These topics range from the algorithmically technical (e.g. obstacle recognition, inter-vehicle communication), to those of algorithmic fairness (e.g. load balancing versus priority), to those of professional and computational ethics (e.g. an unavoidable Sophie’s Choice). This workshop aims to bring together experts in driverless cars, algorithms, ethics and algorithmic fairness with a community of interested CS educators to discuss and work through topics, recommended approaches and even educational modules/exercises in driverless cars for the undergraduate computing curricula. This workshop is free and open to the SIGCSE community

The approximately four hours will be split into two sections: presentation and small group work. For the presentation section each of five experts, after introducing their area will lead a discussion regarding how their area is relevant to driverless cars. The five areas are: algorithms, computing for the social good, professional ethics, computational ethics, and algorithmic fairness. After a short refreshment break, the audience will be broken up into small groups, each working on a specific task/area. The goal is to move from broad general ideas of how to incorporate driverless cars into the curricula, to well defined modules, discussion topics and even exercises. At the end of this section, each group will present to the audience as a whole.

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