Article: The spreading impact of playing violent video games on aggression

Greitemeyer, T. (2018). The spreading impact of playing violent video games on aggression. Computers in human behavior, 80, 216-219.


Violent video game exposure has been shown to increase aggression in the player. The present research examines the idea that violent video game play does not only have an impact on the player, but also on the player’s social network. In fact, egocentric social networking analyses showed that playing violent video games is associated with increased aggression, which then spreads among connected individuals. Even participants that do not play violent video games themselves reported more aggression when their social network consists of individuals who do play violent video games. Psychologists and the public alike have been concerned that violent video game exposure has the potential to increase aggression on a societal level. As the present study shows, not only players of violent video games but also their social network may contribute to this phenomenon.