Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the brand new SIGCAS website!

The all-new SIGCAS website will hopefully provide an on-going and useful resource for anyone interested in the area of computers and society. The site contains information about:

  • how to get involved with the ACM Special Interest Group on Computers and Society
  • the latest Newsletter for SIGCAS
  • information about relevant conferences and webcasts
  • curated lists of related books and articles of interest
  • curated lists of relevant links

Our hope is that the SIGCAS web site can become, over time, a helpful nexus for ACM professionals interested in the wider connections between computerization and the society in which it is embedded.

There are of course other organizations who are interested in these issues. We are not competing with these others; rather, we are trying to intellectually share in the labor of this task. How?  By doing our part in helping to communicate relevant work being done in this area in a way that will be especially helpful to the wider ACM audience.