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SIGCAS Making A Difference Award 2003

by kanthou — last modified 2007-12-21 12:53

2003 SIGCAS Making A Difference Award Recipient
JAMES MOOR , Dartmouth College

The SIGCAS Making a Difference Award is given annually to an individual nationally recognized for work related to the interaction of computers and society. The recipient is a leader in promoting awareness of ethical and social issues in computing. The recipients of this award and the award itself encourage responsible action by computer professionals.

Dr. Moor's seminal articles "Are There Decisions Computers Should Never Make?" and "What is Computer Ethics?" have significantly shaped the direction that much of the research in computer ethics has taken during the last two decades. He is a pioneer in computer ethics and, arguably, the leading theoretician in the field. He recently co-authored The Digital Phoenix: How Computers are Changing Philosophy (Blackwell) , and has contributed several important articles to Computers and Society during the past few years. He also co-guest-edited a special section of the December 2000 issue of Computers and Society, based on papers from the CEPE 2000 Conference (Dartmouth College, July 14-16, 2000) which he also co-chaired. He has presented keynote addresses at SIGCAS and SIGCAS-sponsored conferences (including CEPE '97, ACM Policy '98, and CEPE '98) and has served on planning and programming committees for SIGCAS-sponsored conferences and symposia.

One of the major differences that Dr. Moor has made in the field is in his openness and willingness to listen to the views advanced by others. An unassuming person, who is always gracious with his comments to others, he has also found a way to make those around him, especially those new to computer ethics, comfortable at professional functions. Thus it is James Moor the person as well as James Moor the scholar who has truly made a significant difference in the field of computer ethics, for which SIGCAS is very pleased to recognize him with this award.

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