On February 27, 2019, SIGCAS sponsored a Mini-Symposium on:

Computing for the Social Good in Computer Science Education

Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices (CSG-Ed), is an umbrella term meant to incorporate any educational activity, from small to large, that endeavors to convey and reinforce computing’s social relevance and potential for positive societal impact.

Are you a CSG-Ed practitioner? Present your work at this mini-symposium.
Not a CSG-Ed practitioner – attend and learn how to become one!

This FREE event provided an opportunity for CSG-Ed practitioners to present their projects/practices and meet like-minded colleagues. The goal was for current and future CSG- Ed practitioners to share acquired wisdom, discover new collaborators, and review lessons learned.

Mini-symposium presenters were kind enough to share slides. Additionally, the results from the two breakout sessions are also available.

Finally, mini-symposium participants were asked to “sign up” and help grow the community through a variety of activities. These included:

  • Designing curricular guidelines for formally incorporating CSG into our computing curricula
  • Strategies for sharing CSG activities
  • Spreading the word through recruitment of colleagues, organizing on-campus/regional CSG workshops, and writing CSG-based reflection articles for publication.

If you wish to get involved or have further questions, please contact Mikey Goldweber (mikeyg@xavier.edu), or Lisa Kaczmarczyk (lisa@lisakacz.com)