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Computer Ethics Links

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These links were originally developed and maintained by SIGCAS member Cindy Meyer-Hanchey and her students at Oklahoma Baptist University. Upon her retirement, Cindy has contributed this work to SIGCAS.

Ethics and Computing:

Sources and Resources

Cindy Meyer Hanchey


Topical lists
Course-related resources
Legal Issues
Media and Other Teaching Resources
Privacy, Safety, Other
Case Studies

Printed Materials

Topical lists

Impact CS:

Ethics in Computing:

The Tavani Bibliography of Computing, Ethics, and Social Responsibility:

NSF Ethics and Computing Workshop:

Professionalism in Computing: Table of Contents:

Ethics and the Computer Science Curriculum: Resource Guide (Ann Marchant):

Read Me (The directories in this digital library each contain a collection of on-line materials, links to other sites, and bibliographies that support the study of "Professionalism in Computing" as taught at Virginia Tech in the Computer Science Department):

The Case of the Killer Robot

Educom Review: "Ethics Online"by Mary R. Sumner, Sequence: Volume 31, Number 4, Release Date: July/August 1996.

Professional Ethics and Computer Science/Information Systems

Ethics in Computer Science

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility topics

The Need for Ethics

Computer Ethics in the Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Ethics Issues in Academic Computing

Information Systems Ethics (Cyberethics)

Plagiarism and Other Materials:

Ethical and Social Issues

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Course-related Resources


Legal Issues

Law and Internet Related Ethics:

David Loundy's E-Law Web Page:

Tom W. Bell, Associate Professor, Chapman University School of Law: Internet Law

Legal Copyright Issues: "Keeping it Legal: Questions Arising out of Web Site Management", by Jamie McKenzie, Vol 5, No 7, June,1996.

Copyright Issues on the Web

Legal Internet Issues of Different Countries

U.S. Department of Justice (Cyber Crime):

Legal Issues In Computing Syllabus (List of Legal Links)

Web Surfing at Work

Legal Issues and Policy (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Computer Law & Internet Law

Legal and Ethical Issues

BitLaw (Internet Resource on Technology Law)

Social, Legal and Ethical Issues

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Applied Ethics Resources on WWW (Centre for Applied Ethics):

The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science:

SIIA Online (Software & Information Industry Association):

Computers and Society (ACM SIGCAS):

Web Clearinghouse for Engineering and Computing Ethics

Business Software Alliance

The Privacy Page

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

AIR (Association for Institutional Research) Code of Ethics

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Home Page

EFFweb: The Electronic Frontier Foundation

10 Commandments of Computing

The Brookings Institute, Computer Ethics Institute

ASPA (American Society for Public Administration) Code of Ethics

Software Engineering Code of Ethic

Code of Ethics of Various Computer Organizations

The Research Center on Computing and Society

AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) Code of Ethics

NPA (Network Professionals Association) Code of Ethics

Certified Ethical Hackers

Ethics in IT (GEIT) Certification

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Media and Other Teaching Resources

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Video Library: Educational Course Materials:

Ethics Updates Home Page (Designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students; intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, related to ethics)

Define the Line

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Privacy, Safety, Other

Sex, Censorship, and the Internet

Better Business Bureau (Education Forum):

Urban Legends Reference Pages:

Parents Guide to Safety

Internet Hoaxes, Email Rumors and Urban Legends

Internet Safety: How to protect your kids from Internet Dangers

Stay Safe OnLine

Email Privacy

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The Computer Security Institute:


CERT Coordination Center:

NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse:

COAST (Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology):

Electronic Privacy Information Center

National Cryptography Museum

Cerias Information Assurance and Security

Computer Security Resource Center: Computer Security Division

SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute

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Case Studies


Surveillance Cases

Privacy Cases

The David LaMacchia Case

Therac-25 Cases

A book of Computer Science Case Studies

A Walk Through Mike's Code: A Case Study in Software Technical Reviews

To Test or Not to Test the Software: A Case Study on Ethics in Computing

Case Studies and Papers

Zippy Scenarios for Teaching Internet Ethics

Computer Hacking and Ethics

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Printed Materials

Alderman, E. & Kennedy, C. (1995). The Right to Privacy. Knopf.

Baase, S. (2003). A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computers and the Internet, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall.

Bowyer, K. (2000). Ethics and Computing: Living Responsibly in a Computerized World, 2nd ed., Wiley & Sons.

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Opposing Viewpoints Pamphlets, Contemporary Issues Studies. "Should Pornography on the Internet Be Regulated?" with six viewpoints for discussion. Greenhaven Press, Inc.

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Sivin, J. P. & Bialo, E. R. (1992). Ethical Use of Information Technologies in Education: Important Issues for America's Schools. U.S. Department of Justice.

Webster, S. & Connolly, F. W. (Eds.). (1993). The Ethics Kit. EDUCOM/McGraw-Hill Series in Educational Uses of Information Technology.

Willard, N. E. (1997). The Cyberethics Reader. McGraw-Hill.

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This site was originally created by Cindy Meyer Hanchey, Ph.D. as part of the panel presentation "Ethics and Computing: Sources and Resources" at ISECON 1999 in Chicago, IL Students in CIS 404, Fall 2003, 2005, and 2007 updated and added content. Updated versions were modified by Ryan King and Philip Rowland. URLs were last checked in October of 2007.

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