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Welcome to ACM SIGCAS

by kanthou — last modified 2015-06-23 01:18

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SIGCAS is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses the social and ethical consequences of widespread computer usage. SIGCAS' main goals are to raise awareness about the impact that technology has on society, and to support and advance the efforts of those who are involved in this important work.

Our members are computer professionals from both industry and academia, as well as ethicists, psychologists, sociologists and others. We welcome students from a variety of disciplines. Our areas of involvement include computer ethics, universal access to computer technology, security, privacy, and reliability. We collaborate with other ACM bodies that are engaged in related work, such as USACM, SIGITE and SIGCSE.

Special Announcement from Editor in Chief, Vaibhav Garg


As some of you may know that the flagship publication for ACM SIGCAS, i.e. Computers and Society Newsletter, was recently renewed for a two year period. As part of the renewal we are expected to publish four issues every year. Unfortunately, in recent times it has been difficult to get quality submissions for the publication. As a result we are working to rethink the current approach to the newsletter. Going forward we plan to reimplement the publication in the style of a real professional magazine, e.g. CACM.

For this we need your support and participation. This includes complementing the current list of editors with a set of area editors. The call for these area editors can be found here. If you are interested in any of the areas listed or if you'd like to spearhead an area of your own please email us. If you are unable to volunteer your own time, please feel free to suggest names. Note that this will be an excellent opportunity to gain visibility for a final year PhD student or early career researcher.

In addition to support a professional and contemporary look and feel of the newsletter website, we are also searching for a 'web designer'. Note that this position is separate from that of a 'web master'. At the risk of being tautological, the web designer will be responsible for the 'design' of the website, the layout of the webpages, site navigation etc. He/she will ensure that the website is accessible from mobile devices and address other accessibility issues. This will be an excellent experience for a graduate student in human factors, who can add this to their professional portfolio.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. The success, survival, and most importantly relevance of this publication is contingent on the membership being active. Please feel free to email me (us) with any questions, concerns, feedback you may have.

Vaibhav Garg

We are currently editing Issue 2 of our newsletter, with an expected publication date of June 30. Please contact our editors with questions and submissions. Please see our latest issue on Security, Privacy, and Human Behavior here and in the ACM DL. If you need assistance with viewing the newsletters please contact us.

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