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Welcome to ACM SIGCAS

by kanthou — last modified 2015-03-04 18:21

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SIGCAS is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses the social and ethical consequences of widespread computer usage. SIGCAS' main goals are to raise awareness about the impact that technology has on society, and to support and advance the efforts of those who are involved in this important work.

Our members are computer professionals from both industry and academia, as well as ethicists, psychologists, sociologists and others. We welcome students from a variety of disciplines. Our areas of involvement include computer ethics, universal access to computer technology, security, privacy, and reliability. We collaborate with other ACM bodies that are engaged in related work, such as USACM, SIGITE and SIGCSE. Please see below and our Events area for news regarding our annual SIGCSE pre-conference event, taking place in Kansas City, Missouri, Wednesday, March 4, 2015, from 1:00pm to 5:30pm Central Standard Time.

SIGCAS Symposium on Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices

SIGCSE 2015 Pre-Symposium Event | Kansas City Convention Center | Room: 2504A

Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices (CSG-Ed), is an umbrella term meant to incorporate any educational activity, from small to large, that endeavors to convey and reinforce computing’s social relevance and potential for positive societal impact. This SIGCAS sponsored symposium is an opportunity for CSG-Ed practitioners to present their projects/practices. The goal is for current and future CSG-Ed practitioners to share best practices, discover new collaborators, review common pitfalls (and how they can be avoided), and discuss how SIGCAS can support the many varied individual and group CSG-Ed efforts. Conjuring up good assignments is always a hard task. Attend and come away with new ideas and assignments for your courses. Come and hear presentations from colleagues who are motivating their students by infusing social relevance into their assignments and projects. Get great ideas for your own classes and learn techniques that will work for you.


Free for SIGCAS members, $30 for non-members.

Annual membership in SIGCAS is $25 for professionals and $10 for students. Visit and click on the "Join" link.

For those non-SIGCAS member attendees who do not wish to join SIGCAS (the more expensive option), the registration fee can be paid

  • Cash (exact) at the door
  • Paypal: Contact Mikey Goldweber ( for payment details

We will also be hosting a SIGCAS reception (please see a SIGCAS member for location) Wednesday evening at 8pm until whenever. Food and drinks will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own.


View the ACM-SIGCAS Webcast with Ron Woerner on Demand: "Getting Cyber Safety Through to Employees (and anyone else)": if you missed "Getting Cyber Safety Through to Employees (and anyone else)", register now for on-demand access. The webcast focusing on the very timely topic of cyber awareness and safety was presented on December 18 by Ron Woerner, Director of Cybersecurity Studies, Bellevue University and moderated by Karla Carter, Associate Professor in the College of Science and Technology at Bellevue University and Vice Chair of ACM SIGCAS. Ron discussed people skills, influence, and social engineering in security education. Attendees learned about human motivation and interaction, how security controls may be bypassed by a person’s intentional or unintentional acts, and methods for reducing the cyber risks associated with people. It concluded with online references that can be immediately used to inform on simple steps for cyber safety.



We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 2 of our newsletter. The submission deadline is April 15, 2015, with an expected publication date of June 15. Please contact our editors with questions and submissions. Please see our latest issue on Women in Computing here and in the ACM DL. If you need assistance with viewing the newsletters please contact us.

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