COMPASS 2020 Virtual Conference June 14-17, 2020

ACM SIGCAS computers and sustainable society are proud to announce the COMPASS 2020 conference.

Due to COVID-19, ACM COMPASS 2020 will be held on June 14-17 as an online conference using the zoom platform.

The ACM COMPASS 2020 conference aims to explicitly promote interdisciplinary research work — including new methodologies, systems, techniques, applications, and behavioral, qualitative, and quantitative studies — that addresses key societal challenges related to sustainability, gender equality, health, education, poverty, accessibility, conservation, climate change, energy, infrastructure, and economic growth, among others. We also welcome research on the ethics of technology, especially from a critical perspective, to discuss limitations and concerns with technology-led solutions for sustainable societies.

You can register and view the entire program on the ACM COMPASS website.