Membership in SIGCAS includes a subscription to our quarterly online publication Computers and Society. This publication features high-quality articles that address cutting edge social and ethical issues of computerization and related technologies, as well as book reviews, conference information, and educational resources. Members have access to the full ACM archive of the online publication and its printed predecessor.

While we do not regularly sponsor our own conference, we cooperate with several ACM and non-ACM conferences related to our interests, and our members enjoy reduced registration and attendance fees to these events. Examples of these are pre-symposium events at SIGCSE’s annual conference, the International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS), the Computer Ethics, Philosophical Enquiry conference (CEPE), and SIGCHI’s Creativity and Cognition Conference (ACM Creativity and Cognition). In recognition of the fine work of our members and affiliates, SIGCAS honors two individuals of distinction each year with the Making a Difference and the Outstanding Service awards. The SIGCAS-ANNOUNCE mailing list provides members with organizational announcements of upcoming conferences and calls for participation.

Ways to get involved:

There are many opportunities for interested SIGCAS members to become more involved, and promote the message of socially responsible and ethical computing. Our members represent a variety of fields, and are involved in the application and analysis of the social and ethical impact of computing in a number of ways. SIGCAS members are encouraged to:

  • Contribute articles to the SIGCAS Newsletter Computers and Society
  • Volunteer for a term on the Computers and Society editorial board
  • Represent SIGCAS at conferences and meetings of affiliated organizations
  • Serve as a liaison between another SIG or other organization and SIGCAS
  • Suggest a joint project between SIGCAS and other SIG’s or other organizations
  • Join USACM, ACM-W or other ACM committees and promote SIGCAS, reporting back to SIGCAS membership
  • Suggest a SIGCAS project