Computers and Society Areas of Interest

In No Particular Order

News From _____ (community, company, department, movement, country, sector,
dimension, rain forest, or what-have-you)
Your Resolution or Manifesto Goes Here Desk Not All is Wrong Department
Systemic Racism & Black Lives Matter Studies and Reports Teaching about Computers and Society Social Responsibility in Computing Department
Department of Development Studies Ominous Development Department What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Department
Office of Emerging Technological Directions  Voices of Practitioners and Younger Professionals Department of Diversity and Inclusion
Climate, Biodiversity, and the Environment Department History Department (of SIGCAS and Computers and Society) Looking at SIGCAS: Useful, Enlightening, Maddening or Other
Influential Fiction, Poetry, Art, and Movies Related to Computing and Society Division Department of Technology Assessment War and Peace Studies Hall
Help me work on myProject.dept Science Lab Religion and Spirituality Division
Gender Notes Underscrutinized Implications Bureau Office of Expected and Unexpected Consequences
What Should We Do Room Methods: How to do Computers and Society Group Annals of Agnotology
Algorithms: Good, Bad, and Ugly What’s a Professional Organization To Do Department Automating Evil: Office of Worst Practices
Chronicles of Civic & Community Tech Department of Civic and Collective Intelligence Office of Technology Assessment
Critics Corner (interviews, etc.) City Desk / Urban Studies Town and Country Consulate
Point / Counterpoint Forum SIGCAS Agenda Development Department SIGCAS and Wicked Problems
On the Job Department: SIGCAS and Employment SIGCAS and the Green New Deal Personal Perspective Department
You Can’t Make This Up Department Design Perspectives and Perspectives on Design Student Voices Division
Activism Sector Patterns of Computing Department Limits and Collapse Ministry
Recent Reviews (books, articles, etc.) Steering Tech Department (policy and all the rest) Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing
Thrilling Adventures in Computing No Comment Department For or From The Archives