SIGCAS Making a Difference Award

This award is presented to an individual whose vision and achievements have significant influence in broadly shaping the interaction of computers and society. The recipient is exemplary in promoting awareness of ethical and social issues involving computing technology and ethical professional practice in the computing field. The recipient of this award and the award itself encourage responsible action by computer professionals. The recipient need not be a SIGCAS member. Some areas of endeavour that advance the social good and, therefore, may be considered for this award are:

  • Increasing access to the computing professions for diverse populations
  • Promoting privacy, security, trust, and safety in the computing sphere
  • Raising the standard of living worldwide through computing technology

Previous Winners

Year Name Link
2023 Heidi Ellis Read More
2022 Lisa Milenkovic Read More
2021 Deanna Kosaraju Read More
2015 Gloria Childress Townsend Read More
2012 Starr Roxanne Hiltz Read More
2011 Ollie Smoot Jr. Read More
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2005 Simon Rogerson Read More
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